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22/5/2007: XDCC Klipper 4.5 is out. Read the nfo for more info about changes. Help file with info about the new changes can be found here

 This version is also compatible with mIRC 6.17 and newer, but you still need to unlock the "Decode" on mIRC (Information can be found on PDF or DOC file)


17/3/2005: There is a new XDCC Search engine based on my source codes. It is called EZXDCC:


The search engine and spiders Source codes can be found here:

Rar Version (2 Mirrors):


Zip Version (2 Mirrors):


Thanks for Whoppers, Djoniz A7mag3ddon and others for the beta testing.

P.S. the support file is in PDF. For DOC format, click here


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